Wednesday, September 29, 2010


i have a blog. imagine that. and apparently i had completely forgotten all about it over the summer months...okay, i didn't really forget...just haven't made it a priority as of's all good!! the great thing about blogging is it's always here for a cozy couch blanket and steaming mug of tea. yup! that said MUG of tea :)

we are past the BMX craziness, past the back to school chaos, past some photography madness (self inflicted of course, wouldn't have it any other way!!)and into hopefully some quieter and less crazy months...right? no, i haven't been sniffing adhesive...i actually haven't been scrapbooking lately. *gasp* i know, i've shocked you haven't i?? reasons?? none, just haven't.

so i could recap all that has been going on in the lute household over the last few months...but while i like to talk and am good for a good babble...i would rather you stay awake at your computers to read my, i have decided i might throw in the random tidbit from summer while moving forward onto current going ons.

remind later tho, to share the alice and wonderland party we hosted for my daughter. it was magical :)

we are off tomorrow for a family wedding in kamloops...really excited about it!!! all 5 of us are in the wedding we have an insane amount of stuff to bring with us, but it's going to be fabulous!! while i am not the photographer for the wedding, (kinda hard when you're in the wedding, lol), i do get to bring my camera and photograph the event when i am not involved...really looking forward to getting my feet wet photographing a wedding. and i am looking forward to seeing my brother in law and soon to be sister in law celebrate their love <3 so in the meantime...these photo's will have to tide you over until i post wonderland or wedding photo's :)

so i hope everyone has a fabulous thursday, friday, and weekend!!!


  1. you are such an amazing photographer! and I know what you has been crazy down here too! so crazy, that I am completely OVER blogging, scrapbooking and anything else i HAVE to do. (haha least for a little while)Well, heres to a more peacefull fall?! right!B

  2. would LOVE to hear about the alice in wonderland party..we are doing that for daughters 7th bday in october and could use any ideas you may have!! lol

  3. Your new blog is beautiful, my friend.Hope you are fine. Thinking of you.xo

  4. is that some red in your hair?!?! LOVE it! :)