Wednesday, October 13, 2010

to do

fall is moving in rapidly and it brings to mind cozy nights, crocheted throws, hot chocolate, and lots of crafty things to do.

i have a list building of things i am looking forward to creating this fall/winter...

i have another katy kitty cut from this summer to sew together....jade marie was a HUGE success to the little girl who received her for a birthday this july.

i am crocheting granny squares like crazy...determined to see them become a blanket :)

i have some delicious fabric waiting on me to create...something with it!!! i have a few projects bookmarked, as well as a couple of patterns i ordered from here (tea party apron skirt, frida dress & shirt, uptown girl)

i have a reading list i would like to delve into...

and some upcoming photo sessions i am really looking forward too...

looking at my list of things to do makes me smile

what are you looking forward to doing while tucked in for winter?

1 comment:

  1. sewing a bit more. the fall/winter baking season. decorating. finishing up the library. hot chocolates snuggling by the fire with a book. chats with a friend who was WAY too busy in summertime!