Wednesday, October 6, 2010


since i haven't had a chance to go thru the photo's from the wedding we were at this weekend past, i thought i would share the wonderland party we hosted for my daughter for her 8th birthday :)

an overall shot of the yard...we hung a deck of cards from our tree with thread, set up croquet, a bubble blowing station, and set a checker board on a tree stump over by our tree. the girls also played charades

the tea party table...had to bring out my kitchen clock to help complete the look!! hung more cards over the table from another tree.

i scouted the thrift shops for random tea pots, tea cups & saucers, and silver pieces. i also used a ton of doilies!!

my garden and gardening bench...where the party favours held court :) and yup! more cards.

party favours...random tea cups with a red heart ring lollipop, alice in wonderland badges, and barrettes tucked inside.

the tea party fare...egg salad & cucumber tea sandwiches. mini cupcakes, homemade white and red chocolate hearts, and fruit (honey dew melon, watermelon, canteloupe)

lots of flowers

drink me potions (pink & yellow lemonade) in little glass vessles

and last but definitely not least.....

the cake...gotta say i love how it turned out!!!! and the best part was my daughters reaction and seeing her face light up...

it was magical...and beautiful...and brought a huge smile to my daughters face. making my daughters day just a bit more special then it already is, is what this is about. it was a good day :)

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  1. thank you soo much for sharing!! I love the ideas you have, your backyard looked awesome! We are having my daughters 7th bday party Alice in Wonderland themed this weekend, and will definitely be able to use some of your your cake too..we are doing a cheshire cat cake...julie