Monday, January 24, 2011


completely and heavenly blissful

that is what coffee is.

o how i've missed it...

drooled over it...

stood in the coffee aisle at the grocery store inhaling and getting dizzy from the aroma surrounding me...

over the last 4 yrs i have had to avoid coffee...not an easy thing to do at all when you have such an intimate love affair with it ;) but sadly enough, was giving me migraines!! raging-live-in-the-dark-utter-silence-do-not-move-or-speak-ice-pack-on-my-head-shhhhh-kind of migraines. there were a few things i had to give up besides my beloved coffee...but this was the hardest by far!!!

well recently i discovered that coffee is no longer my longed for nemesis...and i am not sure why...or how...or what i am doing different...but i am not stopping too long to ask...i am just enjoying the moment...savoring coffee in my life again :D so it's really no wonder that i celebrated this momentous occasion by it becoming my 52 week project for week 3. o yes! it definitely deserves it moment of recognition!!!


  1. you can have your love affair with coffee, ill stick with tea. Very cool photo!

  2. I've recently developed my own love affair with coffee, as long as it's paired with my beloved vanilla caramel creamer. So addicting, but yes, so blissful too!