Friday, January 7, 2011

project 52

it's been 6 months since i have seriously scrapbooked.
6 months i ended all design team committments
6 months since i moved my entire creative space to the basement.
(with the intention of scrapping down there...i hate being in the basement)
6 months of being paperless
and dude! i miss it!!!
it took 6 months to realize just how much.
in those 6 months i have explored other areas within my life...
picked up sewing again...
but it's time to introduce scrapping back into my life
and i was inspired yesterday in a BIG way by project 52
the perfect way to combine a photographic journey and scrapping!!!
(as i plan to create a journal to hold the photo's i take once a week...musings of my life over the year, what was going on at the time of the photo, random thoughts and musings)
yesterday was a bit of a difficult day for me emotionally.
i was reminded one more time of just how grateful i am for all i have in my blessed i really am....
so i figured it was a good day to start
week 1...done.
come play!!!


  1. dear jessi,Welcome home.You are beautiful!