Wednesday, January 19, 2011


it would seem we are coming out of our deep freeze up here...don't hold your breath tho, i am sure we will get some more sub-arctic temperatures!!! the last 2 weeks have been filled with -30 C temps and snow...too cold to go outside and enjoy the snow...but pretty to look at while snuggled up inside with sweaters, throws and a mug of something hot. i, however, did brave the ridiculous cold temps and risked frostbite to get a photo for the 52 week project!!!

last thursday i looked out my window,after having snow envy for gi in new york who was slammed with a snow storm that left beautiful fluffy white snow everywhere, to see beautiful huge fluffy white flakes falling from the sky...normally we get sugary fine snow. but the fluffy white stuff beckoned me outside to brave a self portrait....

and i am glad that i did...i love this photo and i am happy to report i did not get frost bite!!!

moving onto some crafty stuff :) i was inspired after coming upon an etsy shop mandee franee designs, to create my own version of her lens ellie elephant and the infamous purple pig, priscilla

they're a bit grainey and blurry but i had to use my iphone to take the photo as my camera was indisposed due to modeling the adorable lens critters, lol.

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