Wednesday, January 5, 2011


holy hannah it's been a whirlwind!!!
but it's been awesome!!!
and now that christmas is over things are slowly settling down and unwinding

i haven't even had a chance to go thru christmas pics to see what i have taken!!!

needless to say it was a great holiday with a ton of family, friends, good food, laughs, and sledding...lots and lots of sledding!!!

and with that comes time for other things....getting all my ducks in a row with my photography, crafty projects, some organizing and early spring cleaning around the house, and sewing

last night, rather spontaneously...i got the urge to in about 2.5 hours i put together a top for my daughter with a pattern i had purchased before christmas!!! well haya wore it to school today and it was so darn cute that i cut out a second one in dress form for miss d....

adorable hey??? cannot wait to see miss d's version!!! i have a couple more patterns in the mail i cannot wait for!!! you can find the pattern here


  1. very adoraBLE! and love the new blog design too! ;D

  2. no way.a post.from happy :)

  3. i was thinking the same thing jude!