Wednesday, February 2, 2011

o happy day

ever have a moment where you realize something big? or not so big...but important to you?? somewhat of a defining moment?

we have bounced around with our ideas for moving...i am somewhat biased on where i grew up, so where i currently reside has never really sat well with me.

but i realized that where i "currently reside" is home. for now. but home either way. and it may be the rolling to flat plains of alberta and not the mountains and ocean i long for.

it may not have that hippie vibe i miss so much...but have you ever seen an electric neon yellow field of canola in july??

or oceans of white snow met by the blue sky?? it's gorgeous.

and i realized that it's pretty it's own way.

and while i dream of moving life is good here. it's happy. it's full of love.

and so in that i can be content. and i am.

this was my definng moment for last week...and i chose to capture that for week 4 of the 52 week project.

Week 4

where i live doesn't define's not who i am. it's what i do and who i am within the place i live that defines me. and living a happy, good and loved life is all that matters.


  1. great moment to record. and love that last paragraph. I need to remember I am SO OVER the apt we live in. lol