Tuesday, May 17, 2011

feedback ¦ innisfail & area children's & family photographer

i am always a bit surprised at how quickly summer comes once it starts teasing us!!! like many families, ours seems to get crazier and more chaotic with the promise of all that nice weather...BMX'ing, football, competitive swim...holidays, day trips...it's insane what we try and cram in, lol!!

which brings me to another addition to my summer...the casting calls!! i am so excited to update my portfolio and play around with some creativity. a big thanks to all the families who are helping me out by supplying models!! so i would love some feedback as i get those sessions prepped and organized....

how do you purchase photo's?

do you like being able to customize your sizes to suit your wall needs with photo's a la carte?

do you like the guess work taking out choosing sizes by having packages available?

or do you like the option of combining both a la carte to available packages??

i would love to hear what your thoughts and feedback are on what works for you and why when it comes to choosing what you display on your walls in your home :)

you can leave a comment here or answer the question over on facebook!!


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