Tuesday, July 19, 2011

canola ¦ innisfail & area children's & family photographer

our family spent the weekend in medicine hat...a city i have fallen in love with. it's pretty and charming...well maintained and a fabulous blend of old and restored meets new and modern. it is a photographers dream for locations and a total surprise since it sits among some of the flattest land out here!!! but it sits in a ravine...or canyon...or whatever one calls it....so it's not as flat as the prairie that surrounds it and creates an amazing contrast!! and did i get a photo of this? no...it was an insane BMX weekend and almost no time to stop let alone breathe!! i did grab some random photo's and since i convinced the family that we should drive home via drumheller...i FINALLY got a chance to take some of the GORGEOUS canola fields that grow out here...

embracing alberta and what surrounds me :)

serious canola love :) and some random images from medicine hat that i love...

yup! semi truck chains...it's what you do when you are sitting at a red light...okay it's what i do :P

incredibly cool and massive building in an industrial section of medicine hat

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