Monday, August 22, 2011

journey fitness ¦ innisfail & area children's & family photographer

what a fun time...i had the opportunity tonight to do a shoot with wendy from journey fitness innisfail. she was looking for some marketing images and i loved the idea of a new challenge...and i love the fact that the images also qualify as hibby photo's and shows that just about any hobby, passion, or love can be photographed!!! so thank you, wendy for spending some time hanging out with me :) you can check out wendy's facebook page too for classes she offers...i can personally vouch for them and say they are fantastic!!!

so a few images to share.....

and because i love her catch phrase...making it personal, makes it possible...and fitness is about doing something good for yourself and having fun...couldn't resist adding wendy to the list of clients who have jumped for me :P

i really enjoyed capturing just a small portion of wendy and something she that it's simply her life photographed :)

have a fabulous night and an amazing tuesday!!

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  1. Love these !!!! great moments Jessi & Wendy !!!