Thursday, January 12, 2012

embracing the BFF ¦ innisfail & area family & children's photographer

my daughter has had the same best friend in school since gr.2, the girls just really bonded and with our family's plans to move out of province, i really felt the need to capture their special relationship. so on one of their sleepover weekends, i dragged them out and celebrated their friendship!! they giggled the entire time...what is with girls and the giggles??

did i mention it was cold?? these girls were troopers...the wind blowing across the prairies was not nice!! so i made the girls jump up and down to get warm :P

miss mya...haillee's best friend...and when i asked her to pose for a photo, this is what i got!! they couldn't stop giggling!!!
my daughter's isn't much better...couldn't get one with her eyes open she was laughing so hard...but i guess that is the point of having a BFF, right? 
it was a great session and it felt so good to get out and play with my camera and the gorgeous lighting that day!!

enjoy your day!!

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