Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a different direction

 oh where to begin!

most people would say to begin at the start...but i am not sure where that is!!

there have been some pretty big decisions made in our home lately...

homeschooling our son, my starting dayhome again...

our decision to propel our moving from this province to live our dream life at a faster rate...

and this...i am stepping back from my photography as a portrait business.

and i know for a lot of you reading this, this probably seems a bit out of the blue...

especially with how busy i have been lately...but it's not.

it's something i have wrestled with since before christmas...

i love photography...always's been a part of my life since i was a child.

there are actually quite a few reasons as to why i have made this decision...

some of which i will not be sharing....

let me just say that i learned something about myself in this journey...

i just want to be a mom. just a mom. i want to be here for my children...

i am tired of saying, not right now, maybe later...can you leave me alone for a few minutes...

all so i can get some piece of work done for a client...

i have learned that i can do things i love, because i love them...they don't need to become a business venture.

and the most important thing i have's okay to just be a stay at home mom.

i don't need to do it all...i don't need to have lofty aspirations...because we all know that we are not "JUST" moms.

and that for me, being a stay at home mom IS a lofty aspiration

on the business side i have learned that i hate that part...i want nothing to do with that part.

i just want to take photo's

that that part was making me fall out of love with a hobby that is a part of me.

i am sacrificing time with my family that i no longer want to give up.

i don't want to deal with receipts and marketing and promoting and customer service.

i have given up other things i love for running this as a business

and the list goes on.

that's big big decision.

i am not giving up photography. i have photography plans to pursue...creative journeys and shoots i would like to do...because i can, because it will test my skill and let me play and practice.

i will most likely still take on the odd family or child session if contacted because i love family and children photography...

but i am excited to get back to life, landscape, abstract, and architecture photography.

i am excited as i feel the passion for this hobby returning and to see where it goes.

i will not be renewing my site when the renewal comes up...i will be creating another site thru blogger to share my photography and maintain something of a portfolio and for now i will keep my facebook page up as another place to share and a direct link to my new portfolio. once it's live i will share the link :)

THANK YOU to everyone who has supported me in my old endeavor. i really enjoyed all the people i met, the families i photographed, the positive feedback. THANK YOU for making the 2yrs i did this as a portrait business successful. just...THANK YOU :)


  1. Hey Jessi, I totally get that. Totally to a "t". That was me a few years ago when I was scrapbooking and starting to teach and do other things. I loved making but hated, HATED the business end. It made everything so ungratifying to a point that I haven't done a whole lot of it in a long while and that does bug me.
    Anyhow, just wanted to throw in a sympathetic ear and a hope that you guys get back to where you want to be. Our neighbours just up and did that too and I admit, where you want to be is where hubby is dying to go too!

    1. thanks janine!! we are headed that where your hubby wants to go?? we are excited about our plans...and cannot wait for the day it finally happens.

  2. I am so glad that you had the chance to photo both my girls. Hoping you maintain the records in case we ever decide to do another order! I am sad that I can't recommend your business as people praise your work but I certainly understand your decision -- mine being the same one as I passed up opportunities for change

  3. hey, I like your blog and it's good to see that there're still people blogging with passion rather than making it for just money... I'll look forward to reading your next article!! =)