Sunday, February 26, 2012

making lemonade

my youngest, miss d celebrates her birthday in december...however, due to that being a crazy time for everyone, we always host a birthday party after christmas for her. she chose this year to do a party at he swimming pool and wanted a mermaid we booked the pool and onto the decorations and theme i dove (cute pun, hey?)

i made tissue paper pompoms in ocean-y colours, found a fabulous cake idea, bought streamers in ocean-y colours for a little seaweed food prepped and ready to go....

3 hours before the party we are called with the news that the pool has been shut down due to health reasons and the party would not be able to held at the pool anymore...gah!!! what to do, what to do???!!! so left scrambling to come up with a new activity and location....we decided on hosting it our home and off to the dollar store i ran to grab some sort of replacement activity.  can i insert here that while i love my house it's a bit small to accommodate 13 kids and parents?? and i may as well add at this point that while my house wasn't messy it was in no condition to have bathroom was in desperate need of a good scrubbing...some mopping, vacuuming, and general tidying needed to happen too.

i put my husband to work (he's the sucker that got to clean the bathroom, i have clever moments every now and then!), got my kids involved and it all came together in the 3hr time period....and while miss d was a bit disappointed to not be swimming for her party, i however, was relieved to not have to don a's not pretty, take my word for it. we decorated wooden frames (hallelujah to the dollar store for activities on the fly), ate party food, cut cake, and opened presents...all in all i think it went over pretty well...

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