Monday, February 6, 2012

smoke room

the weekend past was tough for our family. there has been a lot of stress in our home from an external source and this weekend saw the removal of was not without incident or drama and has now led to the cutting of ties with a negative energy source. but the return of a good night's sleep was the first clue that we did the right thing. the fact that my all the time smile has returned is another reminder. this morning i recharged with a little earth series yoga and am now listening to one of my favourite playlists. i LOVE how effective music can be to our energy. how it can support emotions...lift spirits.

i was asked to share the playlist i have created that i have titled smoke room. this playlist embodies what i loved about living in victoria and spending my evenings in smokey pubs listening to local artists doing what they love simply and honestly. i keep adding to my playlist...but here it is as it is right now...

adelle: someone like you

alexa ray joel: notice me

anya marina: satellite heart

black rebel motorcycle: done all wrong

chris isaak: life will go on

christina perri: jar of hearts

garrett hedlund: chances are (okay this is more country, but i love his voice & the simplicity of words & song)

ingrid michaelson: you and i, the way i am

kt tungstall: black horse

leonard cohen: i'm you're man

leonard cohen: hallelujah

serena ryder: weak in the knees

lykke li: possibility

neko case: magpie to the morningng

chantel kreviazuk: leaving on a jet plane

rosie thomas: kite song

sarah mclachlan: loving you is easy

tara mclean: red

the weepies: little bird

missy higgins: where i stood, they weren't there

what are you listening to?? would love to hear!!

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  1. the civil wars have been on play-repeat for a while now... saw them in concert in december, they are amazing!