Wednesday, March 14, 2012

code of chivalry

honour, bravery, respect, kindness to woman, and the pledge to help those weaker and in need.


with the loss of barbaric times and knights went the loss of chivalry.

our society definitely does not employ this code anymore :(

it's no wonder us, ladies, romanticize the medieval period, it was quite literally filled with knights in shining armor. haha!! (she says with her tongue in cheek :P)

it's been interesting embarking on this unit of study with dakota...i have always loved history and admit that the medieval period was one of my favourites. re-visiting it as an adult is...really cool!!!

one thing i love about unit studies is the ability to go deep...get really engaged and fully immersed.

from my last post you know that that this was a desperate attempt to find something dakota wouldn't fight me on when it came to applying reading and writing and it seems to be working...he loves showing off his lapbook that he made and we started a heavier unit study which we plan to finish with a medieval banquet (that will be closer to the summer...lots of time to build our authenticity and of course present all that he learned).

i thought i would share a little of the journey to date...

dakota's lapbook(sourced from homeschool bits, found on currclick): we love lapbooks!! completely hooked on them!

 filling our walls with information and images (love the DK)

 books he is reading and using as resources

 paper mache dragon...looking forward to him finishing this

 the unit study book i found and love; from teacher created resources

 we are really looking forward to delving deeper into this unit...we are only 1 lesson in so it's still very early. and of course, you will be lucky enough to share in our journey ;)

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