Saturday, April 14, 2012

catching my breath

whooops! it's been awhile since i blogged...well admittedly i have really great consistent periods of blogging and then i fall off the radar for a bit. my excuse? life...sometimes is moves faster then i expect it to :)

we are still finding our way thru home education with positive success...i think :) we have brought miss d home, so now it's 2 out of 3 and while it's chaotic...we love it. we have found a groove that works for's not structured by any means, but it's the way it works for us.

i am looking forward to the start of the new school year...i know it's months away...but i am looking forward to having all 3 at home. so today i thought i would do a brief catch up...a little share of what we have been up to since my last post.

like mentioned above we pulled miss d, our 6 yr and have started the it's all about spelling program with her.

LOVE that program, so far it has really worked well for both big d and her...and it's hard finding a resource that works well for more then one child! she's loving the freedom and independence this program is giving her as it strengthens her ability to read on her own. she created her very first lapbook, a cinderella unit where she learned about pumpkin facts, france, how to tell time, comparisons between different cinderella stories, french (which was easy for her as she was pulled from the french immersion program) and a lot more. she loved it and is very proud of her book :). she created her pyramid after big d did one for his egypt unit. and she has started on the right start math program...daddy teaches that. another resource that seems to be working incredibly well across the board with all 3 kids...yay!!

big d has slowly been's a long road, he's had 7 yrs in a system that failed him. but we have seen HUGE changes already and that keeps us going!! his biggest change has been reading and confidence...starting at ground zero with it's all about spelling, his reading has gone from broken and stumbling when reading books like green and eggs and ham to flawless and confident!! considering he's "grade 5" this may seem like not such a great thing to some...but the fights, the tears because he was embarrassed by his reading skills, made fun of for, and his ultimate refusal...this is us. where the school failed in 7 years we have succeeded in 2 months. he is still working his way thru his medieval unit and his egypt unit and he has also started the right start math program.

haya...well we have discovered that the system has failed her too :( we left her at school because that was her choice and it seemed to be working well for her. but it's not. her report card came home and there was some huge discrepancies, her percentages dropped, and things stated as learned we knew she had not learned. parent teacher interviews were frustrating and enlightening and led to more meetings with the principal for answers. but that is a story for another post which i will share soon as i really think more parents should know and be aware that a lot of times they really need to go deeper into the schools...ask more questions...and know that the schools will put the accountability onto the students. not a failing system or bad teachers.

 on the family front...we spent the easter weekend in kamloops, visting jay's family. it was a good weekend :) i will share photo's another day :) i have become incredibly addicted to crocheting and since my girls only need so many hats and head wraps have decided to bring back the apple barrel. since my pile of crocheted goods is getting high, may even hit the farmers market this summer...we'll see :)

hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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