Tuesday, April 17, 2012

for the love of tape!

and paper...lots of paper! it's no secret this house loves paper...from taping paper to walls for drawing and painting, to my love of paper created crafts...to my children's obsession with cutting, taping and gluing random bits.

it is a testament to my love for them that i have tape and glue permanently stuck to my floors and furniture...or maybe it's more a testament to my lack of cleaning? shhhh, we'll go with the first one, sounds better!!!

over the last 2 days big has been inspired by his love of all things warrior and a friend who shares a similar paper/tape obsession to create a full set of spartan armor....

but the finished result after the mess that took over my kitchen was something to make a mama proud...because of how incredibly impressed my son was with himself! the kid had the biggest smile on his face upon completion! what? ohhhhhhhhh, you want to see the finished result??

alright...take a gander at the spartan they call big d

miss d had her own paper creations today too....

(i think i am going to have some problems with this one...this is what she calls her fashion pose...help me now!!)

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