Monday, May 14, 2012

crafty things

it has been so long since i shared anything crafty! i have been so busy home educating and sharing our experiences, crafty shares seems to have fallen off the radar! i have been's one our favourite things to do as part of our home skills :)

what have i done?? hmmmm, well i have been bit hard by the crochet bug! i have crocheted toques and hats and my latest favourite...the regency hat, the pattern was adapted from the AUSTENtatious crochet book. the name alone sold me...a book of patterns inspired by jane austen? heck yeah! the book is beautiful! i have made wrist cuffs, tiaras, and bowls! love the bowls! we are just about finished our half bath en suite and i decided i needed stuff to hold the bowls were made :) i have many more projects on my crochet list :)

i also have been busy sewing the girls their summer wardrobe...decided i was done buying what everyone else has. i want to cater to girls unique and individual personalities. we are just starting, so i've only made one pair of shorts for them...but we have a long list of cute tutorials we are hoping to achieve. we also plan of repurposing and refashioning old clothing or clothing they have and no longer like. i have some great upcycle ideas and have found some great tutorials in that department as well.

and i do plan on sharing a little more consistently :) so for today...what to share, what to share?? how about a few of my favourites??

the regency hat...made for me, but...

 it looks really adorable on miss d :)

 and miss d modelling her tie knot shorts, tutorial for this found here

and if you would like to see more of my crochet projects, i brought back the apple barrel :) i am crocheting far more then i or my girls can wear, so some of what i create is available for purchase thru t.a.b.. right now you can find the apple barrel (t.a.b.) on facebook or by clicking the apple barrel graphic in my side bar. over the next little bit i am hoping to create a page here to share what i create :)

hope you all have a fabulous monday!!

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