Thursday, May 10, 2012

finding our path

we've been busy...adjusting, educating, fighting, adjusting, educating, mind set has shifted and re-shifted and shifted again...i don't know how many times! how can i implement this better? or that better? i have had meltdowns, big d has had meltdowns...home education has it's tough moments for sure.

i never thought this would be a walk in the park, i knew i had a HUGE uphill son is 11. he is pre-teen. he has been in a public school system that has failed him for 7 years. so we have our moments. they're not pretty. i cry, he cries. i question what i'm it the right thing? did i honestly make the right the right choice? (in case you're wondering, the answer is yes, yes i made the right choice.) i feel like i am failing. i get caught up in what others are doing....or what the province expects a child to learn, the ab curriculum. or what our facilitator wants to see. funny thing is, even tho i pulled him mid school year i had a vision of how i wanted our home education experience to be. i had ideas of where i wanted to get to. and i find myself still adhering to some form of school system and curriculum. it's a tough habit to break.

we are so geared to think that way if we have gone thru the system, like i have. it's hard to think about ditching curriculum. we by no means sit in a desk or even at our kitchen table and diligently plug away at worksheets and lessons. i do not dictate what he needs to learn. or lecture. we sit on our couch in our living room, have classical music playing softly in the background, use our windows as dry erase boards. but i realize i am still expecting my son to adhere on some level to what is required by the board of education. i knew that part of the beauty of home education for us was the fact that i could cater to each of children's learning style. i didn't have to follow curriculum. i could find alternative ways to guide my children in their education. and i could take it back to the basics and cut out the crap. reading. writing. arithmetic. the rest is fluff. i had a friend ask me, "if you took away ab curriculum and your home ed board and facilitator,if they didn't exist, how and what would do?"

you give a child a good foundation in these 3 areas, the rest will come. who cares if a group of people decided that grade 5 social studies was required to learn about Egypt, Greece, Mesopotamia, ancient china, or Rome? he's not interested. he wants to learn about medieval knights and castles, samurai's, and pirates. so to answer my friends question, i would be delivering a home education program that walks the path of what i believe in, how my children learn, and what is important to this family. i wouldn't be trying to cram writing exercises down big d's throat. or learning about the "required" ancient world history on top of trying to cater to what he is really interested in. i wouldn't be worried about what to present to our facilitator, or what page number we are on or where we are in delivering the ab curriculum. simply put, i would be focusing more on what my children want, where their interests lay, and guiding them. after all, isn't that what a teacher is supposed to do? guide children into learning? inspiring them? not dictating what and how they should learn?

i spent part of yesterday at a spring fling for home ed families. it was amazing to meet more families who do this. it was good for perspective seeing how others do this, their experiences, listening to any advice they have and their opinions. the biggest thing i took away from yesterday was more on boys and education. it was a great convo and incredibly enlightening.i am definitely looking forward to more! in the meantime tho, it has really helped me make some decisions. i cannot worry about what others may think, or what others are learning and how. i cannot worry about what the public school system delivers thru the ab curriculum. we made these choices for a reason. we made these choices as a family to help educate our children in what they need (the 3 r's) and inspire and guide our children in their passions and beyond.

i am embracing simplicity. the word that has guided most of my decisions in life. especially when i try to over complicate. i am sure we will have more tough moments down the road, but right now i am content. big d is sitting on my floor at my feet in the kitchen taking on a lego quest while i am typing this post and i know, that all is right in our our world.

education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire ~ yeats

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