Saturday, May 19, 2012

summer sewing

i am really enjoying my sewing machine these days! it has been neglected far too long, collecting dust, with sporadic uses. definitely not the way to treat a loyal and trusty hobby that i have enjoyed since i was 5. i really love seeing my girls decked out in handcrafted goods...from crocheted hats to sewn clothing...makes me smile :) i love knowing that what they are wearing is unique, designed to them, and i made it. they love it too :)

i made another pair of knot shorts, they were intended for haillee but ended up a bit too small and fit delainey perfectly. i really love the oriental feel of the material used in them...

you will have to forgive my daughter for her grubby and dirt stained knees...i was too lazy to make her wash them for the photo and my kids are truly children of summer...long days of playing outdoors in the sunshine...grubby and smelling of sunshine. it is a true representation of miss d.

i refashioned an old shirt of mine into a dress for miss d as well...and i have to say, i love how it came out :)

i really wish i had taken a picture of the shirt before i cut it up(will have to see if i can find a photo of me wearing it!!). when i wore it there was puffy short sleeves and elastic in the hemline to create that balloon effect when worn. i left the original hemline and elastic in place, as that was part of why i loved it as a dress for miss d....cut off the sleeves, shirred the back a bit, and took in the front neckline. i also used a trick from back in the day when i sewed my own figure skating skirts and dresses and created a ruffled armhole and neckline edge.

and i finally got to do a refashion on one of my husbands old button down shirts!! i have been wanting to do this for awhile...and i LOVE how this one turned out!!

and once again i will be asking forgiveness as my daughters hair is unbrushed...but i was too impatient to wait for that...she went from pj's to the dress first thing this am so i could catch the morning light in our sunporch. but i did take a picture of my husband's shirt before i cut it up...

 and i am excited to share my market tote bag. i finished it last and i am sure i have overused the word love in this post...but i really do love how this came out! i am looking forward to making many more in different sizes for our trips to farmers markets and the local grocer.

 the pattern for this can be found at bernat, mesh market bag. you do have to create a free account to access the pattern, but the pattern is free as well :)

i hope you are all enjoying a wonderful and creative saturday!!

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