Tuesday, June 26, 2012

recap + photos

to say life has been crazy of late would be an understatement! we have been wrapping up dance, wrapping up our first partial home ed year (we did do the elephant toohtpaste experiment...was super fun, will share in another post), wrapping up school (haillee was still attending until last week when we pulled her too...and because of incident and one of these days i swear i will share our entire story and my extreme views on education as a system), we've been sick, jay's still away working, wrapping up reno's so we can sell and move, gearing up for our move (in case you're new, we are planning to move across canada to the east coast)...it's been crazy!

we took saturday and went for a family hike at the river...the kids caught frogs, pointed out other wildlife they saw, and we just hung out chatting and exploring together.

 miss d soaking up the little amounts of sun...love these little captures

 one day i will have a macro lens for these shots, but i couldn't resist a photo of wild roses, i love them

 ew frogs! this is haillee's capture! (and jay took this pic, i don't get that close to frogs!)

 this one just makes me laugh...my big, tough, outdoors-y husband carrying his bow and wearing a hello kitty back pack...it's so incongruous, that i love it!

it was a great start to our summer! we are looking forward to many more hikes and camping trips in amongst reno's, garage sales, and our house going up for sale!


  1. awwww fun photos, babe! love them! hope you had a great weekend!

  2. wow! I didn't know you pulled out Hailee too! How is it going? Love the photos! How soon will the big move be?! SO excited for you... I remember when you first told me about that happening "someday" and I looked at real estate and begged micah, "let's move there!" ;) beautiful area!!