Thursday, June 14, 2012

the bread of the matter ;)

oh there are so many things i want to blog about and share from the past month...but i am still recouping from an insane 2 weeks and my brain is not fully functioning nor are my organizational skills up to the task right now. i am quite literally mush these days...thriving on surface content and trivial matters...indulging in things like the big bang theory and facebook. so today i thought i would share a quick and simple post about bread....

yup, bread.

i have been wanting to teach my kids how to make bread, there is nothing like the smell of homemade bread baking filling your home! i found a recipe awhile ago that i love...and uses honey in place of yummy! so decided today was the day...i asked big d if he'd like to learn and i was met with a very enthusiastic yes. he was excited to learn that he was going to make his own bread alongside my making bread. it was  agreat experience, he measured and mixed and hand kneaded his own bread bread machines here. bread that has been hand kneaded is special and amazing :) he punched down, shaped and baked his own loaves.

and the most rewarding moments...aside from the yummy bread we will get to enjoy...was the unprompted questions he asked...why do we use yeast? what is yeast? how does yeast work? he was engaged. it wasn't some random fact. some non-consequential piece of information that he cannot relate to or doesn't care to know. what he wanted to know had a purpose and was awesome and beautiful.

now that our bread has been baked and enjoyed...we are moving onto a yeast based experiment, elephant toothpaste! that will be a fun one...and i will definitely blog about that later!!

our bread recipe can be found here

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