Friday, August 31, 2012

camping + keeping it real

we are off camping for the long weekend. i am really excited as we haven't had a chance this summer to do much camping. we've been so busy with home renovations and getting everything finished to be able to sell our's been chaotic, to say the least!!!

in the past camp food for us has always been about convenience and other words, a lot of highly processed and packaged foods. since our major food overhaul 5 yrs ago...we probably sat on the 50/50 fence with real food and convenience foods...lessening that percentage each year. last year probably being about 75/25 (25% being highly processed and packaged) but lately with more knowledge, experience and skills under my belt...this camp trip it`s a 100% real food. a little organization and prep on my side means i don`t have to sacrifice decisions and commitments we have made.

so on the menu for us this weekend along with the links to where some of the recipes come from :)


whole wheat waffles with maple syrup and fruit

veggie & fruit platters along with cheeses & crackers, hummus and ranch dip

barley rice mediterranean salad with souvlaki steak


eggs, sausage, and baking powder cheddar and chive biscuits

veggie & fruit platters along with cheeses & crackers, hummus and ranch dip

taco salad

monday morning

breakfast cookies on the go


whole wheat banana muffins, homemade lara bars, homemade granola bars (i made the peanut butter hard granola bar version) and of course...fruit and veggies!!

i have spent today, premixing spice blends and dry ingredients. our steak and sausage comes from locally raised beef and i will share the other recipes (which are my own) in another blog post or 2 :)

it will be a great weeekend with fab food and friends!!!

wishing everyone a safe and amazing long weekend!!

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