Saturday, September 15, 2012


it's been over 2 years since i have scrapbooked...during my time as a design team member for both OLW and kenner road, my life kinda exploded...not in a bad way. demands on my time got more demanding and i was struggling to find a balance. near the end of both kenner road and OLW i was feeling the need to step away. with both KR and OLW deciding to step away too, it made it an easy, guilt free decision. however, i did not expect my hiatus to be so long!! i have missed scrapbooking but have since struggled with where to find time for it, to actually sit down and create something.

our family life and priorities underwent a major shift in the last 2 yrs...i dove into photography, we home educate our 3 children , my husband now works away from home...and some other shifts, (if you scroll thru my blog you can get a better idea of those shifts).

but in saying all this...i have missed it. i miss the creative process. miss the online scrappy creative nights with some of my very good friends. so when my amazing and close friend ronda started talking about OLW, i will admit to encouraging her to bring it back. it was in conversation a few days ago that ronda brought it up again, talking about a smaller scale...(in an aside, i think it was a conspiracy on her part to get me back into some small portion of the scrappy world :P)...just her and i...and maybe it will grow and get bigger again, but for now it's about keeping it manageable, celebrating and bringing back something that ronda has never been able to truly let go little word :)

and i can honestly say i am so happy to be a part of this again. it amazed us week after week how powerful words are. the emotion one word could evoke. so we begin again :) we are UNLOCKING the beauty and power one little word has once more.

so here's how it work this time, ronda will post new words (aka WORD UP!) on the 15th of
each month. if you want to play along and create something using the
word up, please share a link at the bottom  of the word up post on ronda's blog with the
inlinkz button (i will share the direct link for this each month on my blog).  please leave a link to a specific blog post
or image on flickr, rather than a general url. we look forward to seeing
what you create.

so without further adieu....

word up #63: UNLOCK 

my take

i hope you join us :)


  1. how cool babe! I am so glad you are getting into scrapping again!
    But, i DO know what you mean. I took nearly a year off from scrapbooking. And almost a year and a half from blogging. I am slowly getting back into both.
    Gorgeous layouts! I will def try to play along.
    have a great weekend, my beautiful Canadian friend! ;)

  2. So glad you two decided to do this!
    love your special layout.
    what a wonderful connection you and Ronda share.
    have a good morning.

  3. love it! i have been keeping up with PL but not traditional pages in FOREVER!