Thursday, October 18, 2012

mount baldy

it's been awhile since i posted anything in regards to our home education adventures. to be honest, its been a great journey, but getting into some sort of system or schedule has been a struggle...on my part. i have also been struggling a bit with my son...trying to find something that works for him...a system...a program...a resource...something! yesterday while we were at band and choir i had a great conversation with a few other moms that really reminded me of why we do this and that everyone family has their is not as easy as it can sometimes come across to others as being. so i am feeling much better about things and have some great ideas and strategies that i am looking forward to implementing starting next week.

during thanksgiving weekend, we went on a hike with some other homeschooled families up mount baldy out in nordegg area...just thought i'd share some photos :)

our meet up point, the mountain in the distance is mount baldy.

 my miss d did so well, it was a steep climb. she trucked up about 3/4's of the way before deciding to hang back with another family. big d and haya hiked all the way to the top with jay and i.

 miss haya :) half way to the top

 and me.

 the top! there is a fire look out station atop the mountain.

 the view fro the top...well one of the views!! there is a spectacular 360 degree at the top. it was incredible!

 but super cold and insanely windy!!!

 dakota listening to joe, the man who lives at the fire lookout.

 tried for the group photo op with the kids that made it to the top, but miss haya was cold and grumpy, lol

it was something our whole family enjoyed and we are definitely looking forward to our next hiking adventure!!

(sorry if the photos appear blurry, they actually aren' happened when websizing them and posting them online :( gotta love the web!)

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  1. sweet honest post that capture you life right now and it's simply beautiful. Love the photos!