Friday, November 16, 2012

word up: DARE

good morning!!! a day late with posting this, but i have been battling the flu and a cold for the last 2 weeks...first my family and now me. i would like to say yesterday, when i should i have been posting OLW, i was laid up in bed or on the couch unable to move...but i was not. i was still trying to deliver some "school" related stuff to my children, stay on top of dishes, laundry...

you know how it goes, we as moms don't take to sitting still and idle well.

but today is about OLW (one day i will find a better balance and share more of our homeschooling life...when i can figure out how to blog more then once a month :P). the beautiful denise chose this months's a great word. this LO was originally intended to be a mini album, but being slammed by football wind up, flus and colds...i ran out of creative time fast!!

this word had me thinking about the choices our family makes. we aren't alone....there are many others that make similar choices to us, but it's still against societal norms. we choose not to buy processed, packaged and convenience foods. i look at every food label and will put back on the shelf anything that has even one ingredient that shouldn't be in our food. if it's something we need, i will make it from scratch at home. we homeschool, not only do we homeschool but we do not follow curriculum. we walk more on the unschooling side of things. these are just a couple of our choices. we DARE to walk down a different path. set our own. make our life and choose to live the way it suits us. it's not always easy. we find ourselves sometimes defending our choices. justifying them. explaining them. and after we explain, justify, defend...we see a lot of blank looks or "you are completely insane" looks. most of the time we keep it simple when talking about our choices. you should see the looks when we start talking about complete sustainability, living off the grid, homesteading and survivalism!! but despite this, it's what we choose, what we dare. see why this was to be a mini album?? but i shortened it and found a a fab photo i had forgotten i had taken of my hubby and the 2 olders atop a train and created this LO which i love :)

 what do you dare? dare to do? dare to dream? dare to be? share it with us and don't forget to check out the OLW blog for other DT creations :)


  1. Wow! I love that photo and was so interested reading your post. Good for you for doing what works for your family. You've opened my mind to be more receptive to others who may choose such paths. Thanks for sharing!

    1. hello marjie!!
      thanks for visiting :)

  2. Hi, Jessi,

    We met in my store this morning(Studio Arts). I only had a few minutes to read your latest blog, but I wll come back later for a better look. I must let my daughter know about your blog, because she is a homeschooler as well. Small world. Nice meeting you. Will read more soon.

    Cheers Carol

    1. hello carol!!
      thanks for visiting!! it is a small world and i find there are more homeschoolers out there then i (most people) realize!!