Friday, January 11, 2013

it's an update!

alright, so i know i am not the most consistent blogger...but holy hannah! i hadn't realized it was that long since i published a post!!! november 16th??!! one of my goals this year is to get back into a more consistent blogging schedule...i have lots i'd love to share between scrappy goodness, photography, home schooling (rather unschooling) and our choices to eat clean and whole rather processed and commercial.

however, i usually ignore all household chores and blogging for the sake of playing with my kids or you can see that 1. you'd need to give me lots of notice before popping in for coffee so i can clean and 2. blogging and cleaning aren't super high priorities :P

okay...maybe i exaggerate...a house isn't that bad...but my blogging is!

i am hoping to revamp my blog and get it all organized in the next few weeks so that it will be easier to share these main areas of focus in my life :)

in the meantime, lets start off  with this....

my good friends and family know that i have never fallen in love with alberta.

i have struggled with it from day one....growing up in b.c., i guess, has left me very spoiled.

i am happy within my, family, etc...i'm just not enamored with where i live. yet i would love to be!

but every now and then i can appreciate the beauty in the prairies...last night for me it was a skyline.

as we were driving home from dance i found beauty in the innisfail skyline. the town lights were reflecting off the low snow clouds...the elevator outside town was silhouetted, and the town lights were all combining to create something so me, anyway :)

so i drove home, grabbed my camera, and drove back out to the highway with my husband to capture this and since i froze my arse off to get deserves to be shared :P


hope you enjoy :) just a reminder that january's OLW word up will be going live with the first word of 2013 on the 15th :)

here's a little sneak peak of my creation....

happy friday everyone!

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  1. jessi. I think of you often way up yonder from me. I think of how you are trying to forge a new path, how wonderful and magical this time is for you and your husband. I wish you all good things. enjoy the scary and the good and trust that love will make it work. It really will.