Tuesday, May 7, 2013

the kerchief

i still remember it like i was 6, 7, or 8...
hand sewn white summer dresses my mama hand embroidered with flowers and little machine sewn kerchiefs in our hair as we flew barefoot thru the empty fields, collecting wild flowers, beside our home; climbing to the top of the cherry tree where my sister and i would day dream while eating gobs of sun warmed sweet cherries. dipping our toes barefoot into the babbling creek that ran alongside our yard, while hopping from rock to rock...
incredibly carefree...idyllic-ness of childhood. it is those dresses and those moments that inspired the apple barrel. it is that simplicity that has me recreating just a little...okay maybe a lot of it for my own children. i was lucky to have led a very anne of green gables childhood :) and it is this that i hope to bring to you anad your children!
today's market showcase, a crocheted version of those kerchiefs my mom made for my sister and i.
so make sure you visit the apple barrel at the innisfail farmers market starting next thursday for these and other goodies!! 

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  1. tell her to stop growing up this instant! The kerchief is adorable!