Tuesday, April 29, 2014

a frozen party ¦ simple living

we celebrated my daughters birthday with her friends this weekend past...she turned 8...way back in  december. yes, very remiss in this! with two december babies we usually do their birthday celebration with friends in january or february...let's just this year...one month bled into another and, here we are in april!

i love that my 8yr old still loves themed birthdays...really love it! i just love making birthdays special for each of my children, create a special moment and memory. this year we did a frozen theme...and i had so much fun with the planning of it, that i am pretty sure i mentioned wanting MY next birthday to be a frozen theme!

so with that said, let me share with you miss d's frozen party! it was too adorable not to share...i have links to everything i used as well as some of my own offerings!
we started with the invites...miss d helped me create these...

i will have a quick tutorial up on how to create these cards tomorrow, so stay tuned...they are super easy and quick but are such a sweet and simple statement!
i should mention, when i do themes...i prefer to take the route of being inspired by the theme...so aside from reference to characters from the movies...we did not decorate with images from frozen. we created the feel of frozen without an out and out statement that it's THE frozen theme.

 i am a HUGE fan of tissue paper pompoms...they are super easy to make, inexpensive and add such a whimsical touch to any event! this year my other daughter, haya, made all the pompoms so i could work on other aspects. amongst the pompoms we hung paper snowflakes...again haya took on the snowflakes and did an amazing job!

 it's a sven snowflake!!! these snowflake templates are adorable and easy enough for an 11yr old to do!
 more sven snowflakes! we love sven :)
 onto food! vanilla cupcakes frosted with vanilla buttercream and adorned with piped white chocolate snowflakes and white cake sparkles, snowballs (pwder sugar covered doghnut holes), ice hearts (white chocolate molded hearts), olaf arms (pretzel sticks), olaf noses (carrot sticks and not pictured), and frozen grapes (not pictured). i also made hard candy ice shards and created an ice shard castle (for some reason the blue turned green in the cooking process...but miss d loved the idea and helping create the castle so whatever!)

tent fold place cards are from here (i did print off the welcome banner and hung it, but forgot to take a pic!, it hung above the favour/activity center in the below pic). the guests drank unfrozen ice, painted and glammed up their own ice castles and each girl was sent home with a snowflake wand and activity book (not pictured). the snowflake wands were super easy to make. i had gold snowflake decorations from christmas, so we painted them silver and sprinkled then with blue, silver and pink glitter, hot glued gift packaging ribbon and the snowflakes to silver painted dowels and done!
the water bottles label came from miss d's auntie ronda :) she helped save me some time by creating these adorable unfrozen ice labels and has kindly allowed me to offer them as a free printable! you can download your own water bottle labels here
for the activity books (not pictured), i bought duotangs from the dollar store and filled them with printables i found online. i printed off colouring pages, snowflake mazes, the snowflake template, build olaf activity, and anna and elsa paper dolls!
 colouring pages, mazes, snowflake templates, and build olaf
olaf summer colouring page
anna paper doll
elsa paper doll
elsa & anna paper doll and clothes
miss d loves to dress up, so at her request, i created a quick and simple elsa inspired costume, she loves it and wants to wear every day!

 i will share a tutorial on how to make the costume thursday! so make sure you come back to check it out!
hope you enjoyed the glimpse into my daughters frozen inspired birthday!
happy tuesday!

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