Monday, April 21, 2014

quilt blocks ¦ sewing

just over 10 yrs ago i had a desire to learn how to use my mom's old school wooden quilt frame. i have memories of this frame set up in the living room with her latest quilt rolled onto it and hours spent watching her favourite t.v. shows while she hand sewed the quilts that would later adorn our beds. i remember thinking how i couldn't wait to take satisfaction in creating something so beautiful.

i finally got the nerve up to attempt this when i was took me 2 weeks, start to finish and it definitely wasn't as romantic and quaint as i had imagined it to be watching my mom as a child. that is not to say that i didn't take immense satisfaction in the completion of the quilt...i did. i just wasn't in a hurry to take on another one. i give a ton of credit to those ladies who still hand quilt in the face of today's modern technology that has made quilting much more accessible, quick and convenient.

but as i get older and more into the sustainable life my husband and i are creating...the more draw i feel towards hobbies from days gone by. i taught myself to crochet about 3 years ago and i love it! i have been sewing since i was 5...but it was definitely an under utilized hobby until the last few years. i picked up embroidery recently...again, something i learned as child, never stuck with but always thought upon this hobby as charming and somewhat magical. my mom used to sew my sister and i simple white cotton summer dresses that she would hand embroider designs onto...i loved those dresses! so enter the desire to try my hand at quilting again...

and i have to say...i am loving the process. each time i create a block for my quilt i am filled with such joy. i wanted to share the blocks to date, starting with my latest one a string block pattern:
i really love how this one came out...imperfections and all :) and below are two blocks i created using half square triangles.

and the very first 2 blocks i created using a slash method. i really cannot wait to complete all my blocks and see this all come together in a quilt!

i hope everyone is enjoying a lovely sunshine filled easter weekend!

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