Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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you know, i have realized, that while i take photos of families and children, sports and dance....i haven't picked up my camera in a long while to shoot for me. i used to love taking daily snippets of my life, creating my own photo shoots...creative ones that implemented the craziness that goes on in my head. those families, children, sports events and dance are all clients....which doesn't lessen their importance, they give me the opportunity to do something i love. i just recognize that i need to get out with my camera again...just for me.

with the snow practically gone here in alberta...sun peaking through the clouds a bit more and the temperatures finally cresting into the teens i am feeling re-inspired to keep my camera handy. yesterday was just such a's not very often i am "allowed" to capture haya on camera. she HATES having her photo usually i have to cajole, bribe, beg, plead or just plain ol' pull out the mom card "because i told you to do it!" :P no lie. but yesterday she was hanging with the pups....while i was doing the back breaking work of raking all the twigs, debris, and leaves off our grass...and i realized there was a moment. one i wanted to capture.

i went inside, grabbed my camera, and she willingly let me take a few images capturing her deep love for animals, in this case our dogs. i don't think there isn't an animal this girl doesn't love...she turned our chickens into lap chickens...i mean seriously...who does that? anyway, this is miss haya with our australian shepherd x pitbul this dog :) she is our newest addition, she joined our family just before christmas.
 and haya with tahla, our karelian bear dog x with catahoula leopard her too :) this dog is such a gentle beast.

our third dog is not in these images as it's still too cold outside for her. she is the tiniest teacup chihuahua you ever did see! seriously the size of a beer can! will share a pic of her another day :)
before leaving i will share a couple pics of haya and her favourite animal....EVER! this girl lives, breathes, and dreams of horses. it was a really bright day with sun bouncing off the snow, her eyes were closed in almost all of the pics :( LOL

happy wednesday!

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