Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY natural homemade deodorant ¦ simple living

so last week i posted a homemade laundry detergent recipe and i am happy to say we are LOVING it still! cleaner clothes have never been had and it really makes me question, more so, what is in commercially prepared detergents!
today i want to share with you my homemade deodorant...i started making this back in january and i haven't gone back to store bought since. i will admit, it took some getting used to...but after the first 2 weeks i am happy to say this stuff rocks!
it works and works well! i am a runner, i do yoga, pilates, and i also participate in bootcamps and other similar styled fitness classes...and this girl has no smelly underarms during or after workouts. my under arm sweat glands have rebalanced themselves since no longer being clogged and prohibited by anti-antiperspirants and my body is now naturally sweating less. since my homemade deodorant is coconut oil base my underarm skin is getting spa treatment as well. please remember we are creating a deodorant, not an antiperspirant...therefore we not stopping the sweat, a natural process to rid your body of toxins. but after your initial adjustment period (1-2 weeks) you will notice your body sweats less naturally as well.

so let's break this down a bit.
water and proper healthy diet full of natural foods will help aid in naturally cutting down on body odor. however depending on your body, it may not be enough, i require a little extra help. my husband, however, i swear, has no sweat glands under his arms, so unfair! but that man has never had to wear deodorant in his life! such is life.
so here's how the ingredients in your homemade deodorant help
coconut oil is antibacterial
cornstarch is used to help keep you dry
baking soda is the main odor fighting ingredient

you can also add essential oils, there are many that can help you create a customized scent as well aid in the power of the deodorant.

i use lavender and tea tree oil, both oils have antibacterial properties that work well with the coconut oil. together they create a a really lovely fresh and clean scent that isn't overly floral and has a nice earthy tone to it.

ready to try this for yourself? here's the recipe :)
 DIY natural deodorant
print this recipe

1/4 cup melted coconut oil
1/4 cup cornstarch
1/4 cup baking soda
10 drops essential oil ( i used 5 drops lavender and 5 drops tea tree)

-melt coconut oil, i do this by placing coconut oil in a dish and setting that dish in a larger dish and then fill the larger dish with hot water.
-mix together cornstarch and baking soda
- pour coconut oil in and mix
-add essential oil and pour into a small jar, let solidify
-to use scoop a small ball of the deodorant and rub with your fingers into the under arm

there are many recipes out there that include beeswax and the addition of arrowroot powder...these ingredients aid in dryness as well keeping the deodorant solid. coconut oil liquifies at 72 degrees which is why this version of deodorant is kept in a jar. by adding beeswax you can reuse those old (and cleaned) antiperspirant containers.

if you try your own natural deodorant, i would love to hear how it goes!
happy monday all!

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