Tuesday, May 6, 2014

for the love of art ¦ homeschooling

one of the things i think i have come to love the most about homeschooling my kids is the flexibility and opportunity to explore ANYTHING of interest. for as little or as long as they're interested. art, in any form, is huge for me...and i love being able to explore so many of the options with my children. especially considering so many schools today no longer offer art :(

i have a friend who also homeschools and has been doing science mondays, including my kids into the lessons...it's been a blast and they have had so much fun! which is great...as science isn't a huge priority to me. not a fave subject of mine. but art! now there's a subject i can get on board with!

her science classes inspired me to put together some art classes. our first one was tuesday and what a blast it was to see the kids so engaged in creating! our first lesson was basics...primary, secondary, & tertiary colours along with learning which were cool and which were warm.
we did colour wheels talked about the history of the colour wheel and then dove into projects.

 since i don't want to control creativity all i asked was that their projects used primary, secondary, and tertiary colours and showcased warm and cool colours...but how they achieved this and but which medium or multiple mediums was up to them!

considering the amount of art drying in my sunporch that day...i'd like to think that everyone enjoyed the "class"! looking forward to our next class!
you can find my printable exploring colour lesson here or in the homeschooling tab up top! this lesson i created using a variety of resources found online and from artist friends, i designed it to share a love of art and colour with my kids.

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