Thursday, May 15, 2014

WILL ¦ one little word

reveal day! did you notice the title of this post? yup...the part where it says, one little word? yeah, that bit :) it is no secret that i haven't really scrapbooked in a few years now...since i stepped down from all my DT's...i did try to pick it up again when ronda brought back OLW...but, in all honesty, i am just not there...scrapbooking is not where i want to spend my time creatively. so i also stepped down from OLW shortly after it was brought back as in my head it was still about scrapbooking.

but as most of you know, OLW's image has undergone a huge's not about scrapbooking. that is a part of it, but not all of it. Ronda has worked really hard to open this up to all creative avenues. embracing and encompassing every form. after seeing a few of my embroidery pieces and other creative endeavors of late, ronda asked if i would like to come back to the OLW DT.

would you like to know what my answer was?
it was no, i just don't have time to commit...
bwahahahahahaha! of course, it was a HUGE yes!
i have loved OLW since the beginning. it holds a special place in my heart being that it was one of the first DT's i was ever on and that i have been a part of OLW since the beginning.

so i am super stoked to bring you my OLW contribution for this month, it WILL hopefully bring you joy and a smile and for more inspired pieces make sure you check out the rest of DT pieces over at one little word!

this piece is special to me...when i was a little girl i used draw...a lot. i created a girl based off my love of anne of green gables, holly hobby and my love for all things old fashioned and simplicity. during my conversation with ronda about joining OLW again, i had asked what the coming word would be....WILL...and immediately images of this long since forgotten girl popped into my head! may i introduce you all to gabrielle! with that being said, yes, you guessed, i created this embroidery pattern myself.

in celebration of rejoining OLW i am offering everyone a free download of this pattern: where there's will, there's a way. i hope you enjoy her!

don't forget to check out  the rest of OLW DT creations and i hope you find time to create and play along! make sure you let us know if you create something!
happy thursday!

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