Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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it's been a CRAZY week wrapping up with an even CRAZY weekend! the dance studio my children belong to wrapped up their season with a week of studio rehearsals, followed by a weekend of stage blocking, dress rehearsals, and two recital performaces!
i spent all week inside the studio capturing the studio rehearsals, saturday morning catching bits of the stage blocking, and saturday afternoon capturing all the dress rehearsal performances so that come sunday i could sit and enjoy the show! i love dance...LOVE dance, so i promise...spending this much time with my eye behind the view finder and finger happily depressing the shutter button was no hardship. penhold school of dance offers some incredibly talented and beautiful dancers, beautiful performances, and some amazing choreography!
i cannot say enough good things about this studio or the studio owner, ms. kirsten is incredible in every way, from quality of instruction to level of professionalism at which she runs her studio to how the dancers relate and love her...like i said, i only have high praise for both studio and studio owner :)
today i want to share some of my favourite captures from the tuesday and wednesday night studio rehearsals
the below photo is my daughter, couldn't resist including some of my own kids some of the photos i'm sharing!
my youngest rehearsing her ballet number...love her little skips!

i enjoy all dance discipline, but i really LOVE ballet ...and lucky for me, there are a few amazing ballerinas at our studio that are a complete joy to watch! which means i take waaaaaaaaaaaay too many photos for my own good ;) i still have thursday rehearsals and the final saturday rehearsals to go through...cannot wait to go through those and share some!

until then...happy tuesday!

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