Tuesday, July 15, 2014

EVOKE: one little word ¦ paper

word up!
this month's word is evoke, such a beautiful word.
i had so many ideas swirling through my head as to what i was going to do with this word. it was after my creative dance shoots and i had printed a few of the images of my kids that it all fell into place. i love those moments.
one of the first dance groupings i did on the monday shoot was my daughters tap. it was a hard class for her this year as she hasn't done tap since she was 5. she had a fabulous but tough teacher and all the other girls had been tapping for awhile. but she loves tap so she worked hard and caught up to a decently. but on june 30th while i was organizing her group for shots...i caught this random candd of her tapping on the pedestrian train bridge...and she looked so happy. shining happy. and i realized in that moment, that she truly loves tap. that tap evokes something within her that shines brightly. evoking heart, evoking soul. it was this moment that i couldn't resist scrapping and sharing.

i am really looking forward to see even more growth from haillee this coming season in discipline she truly loves :)

head on over to one little word and check out why ronda chose evoke this month, see her lovely creation along with the rest of the one little design team's and play along!
looking forward to seeing wordster creations!

happy tuesday!

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