Tuesday, July 8, 2014

exhaust your excess ¦ scrapbooking

 it's been years since the scrapbooking bug sort of left me. i started scrapbooking the last month of my second pregnancy. i was addicted - scrapbooked the minute i got up to the minute i went to bed, couldn't get enough of it addicted - for a good solid 10 years. then i fizzled. i stepped away from all the DT's i was on, packed up all my supplies and stashed them away on shelves in the basement and just didn't scrapbook. i'm not sure why...cannot explain it really. i have tried pulling stuff out over the years...but it went nowhere. i miss the art of it a lot. but couldn't get myself to sit down and create.

OLW came back and i thought, perfect! this will be the perfect way to get back into it...but in the end i lasted 3? 4? months and stepped down. but this feeling was building...i really WANTED to scrapbook...so how and what to motivate? recently i was convinced, again (by a most outstanding friend) to come back to OLW, so i did. and so far, so good. i've been enjoying the process.
i've started picking up my camera again to take photos of my daily life - yes, this has suffered incredibly since i stopped scrapbooking - daily photos. i am embarrassed to admit that i have very few photos of my family, my kids and our life from the last couple of years. i've taken many photos with my iphone...but i'll admit it, for me, it's not the same as picking up my camera and getting a fabulous random and candid image.

yesterday i came across a post on facebook by my old scrapbook friend Sue (once owner of the kit club just cre8 of which i was part of the design team before they shut down) who has decided to start a new challenge blog...rather spontaneously! exhaust your excess it's being called and the premise is that each sunday a new challenge will be posted on ways to use your stash. i LOVE this! this has me excited about scrapbooking in a way nothing has excited me in the subject for years!

i love the concepts of using what we have rather then buying more. waste bothers me :) so i am really looking forward to cleaning up my stash of supplies with this challenge and i hope those of you out there that scrapbook, check out the blog and play along!!
in case you missed the links above, you can find the challenge blog, exhaust your excess, here

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