Monday, July 7, 2014

june recap ¦ simply living

summer is here...and yes, that means my blogging starts to get sketchy! so let's do a quick recap of what we were up to for june!

1. homemade bug spray and laundry detergent is still in use and working amazing!  you can find the posts related to these two items here and here :)

2. i made some more headway on my denim and charm square patchwork quilt, hoping to bring a tutorial to the blog on that soon! did i show you a little sneak of progress yet? well if not, here you go, a little pic of all the squares laid out...
all the squares have been sewn together...just need to quilt it and add it's backing :)

3. gardening...there's been lots and lots of vegetables are coming along nicely and i cannot wait to start harvesting!

4. we ran in the run or dye husband, my kids and was so much fun!

5. i had some creative play with my camera and organized a couple of creative dance shoots...really enjoying the results of that! will share more photos from those in another post this week :) in the meantime i will share a couple of my favourites!

check out the post on wednesday for more dance shots :)

7. while it's not june, the last weekend in june was considered the canada long july 1st we celebrated canada day with a potluck BBQ with friends and food and laughter and sparklers! and i have no pics to share of that as i put my camera away :P 

how was your june? share your recap in the comments, i would love to hear from you!

in the meantime i have a OLW project coming up, a letter to my pen pal to write, and much summer fun to be planned and had!

happy monday!

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