Monday, September 8, 2014

creative space ¦ paper

re-purposed glass jars (possibly old pickle jars or something of the like), hold ribbons and paper flowers. thrifted silver candy dish holds all the bits and bobs from the august CD kit, thrifted silver sorbet dish holds miscellaneous items, thrifted creamer dish holds tools for my planner, vintage star tin holds vintage bits, and i use a vintage frog to hold my pens
 last week i was re-inspired to take my creative space to a new place. during my scrappy hiatus, most of my creative supplies had been relocated downstairs. still accessible, but my desk became more of an office/school space.
and i am happy to report that today, monday, i am sitting in my revamped space feeling pretty happy and definitely inspired!
i did not go out and buy all new stuff to organize and design with...i used what i already had, some of it in new ways. i also took a walk through my house to see what i could pull to use. the other thing to note...i do not have a room all to my own. i have a little corner carved out in my living.
there are reasons for this.
1. my little vintage home doesn't have enough room for me to have an entire room to my own.
2. i have had my own room to turn into a studio in years past and realized i didn't like it. i like to still be a part of the hustle and bustle of my home. readily available to my children and able to multi task with household and school to do's.
this morning, i thought i would share my space with you! my space in it's entirety :)
so let me walk you through a little bit of this corner. i am happy to report that this space cost almost nothing to create!
those fabulous shelves on my walls, that hold all manner of things that make me happy, are re-purposed. they are lengths of 4x4 and brings the pipe into the mod yard my husband works in. the company ends up with large piles of this stuff that they offer up to husband brought some home  and they ended up on my walls.
my desk, i discovered in the mechanical room when we bought this's nothing special. i think it may have been a work bench in that space...made from 1x10's and 2x2's roughly nailed together and painted...filled with all sorts of scratches, chipped paint and paint spills. i do however want to paint the desk aqua...think it would look prettier with the red chair and grey walls ;)
sitting beside the white chair, under the little wood game box, is a vintage explosives transport box i found at a little antique store andholds all my paper and 12x12 sticker sheets.
i use a vintage window to hold acrylic stamps as well as a dry erase board for my creative to do's.
on the shelf under my desk, baskets and bins hold punches, monthly CD kits, and stamps. the white-ish bin on the left end is a vintage locker insert that holds all my wooden block stamps. found by husband on a job site.
using binder clips to hold together similar items, i nailed small nails into the shelves and hung the clips from them. i also used screw end hooks, screwed into the under side of the shelves to hold items as well.
vintage and re-purposed jars hold buttons and assorted embellishments and binder clips and screw end hooks hold other embellishments

in the corner opposite this corner is my sewing corner. the desk was created from an old kitchen table i had my husband cut in half.
it's not quite need to be hung as you can see. but i love it and couldn't resist sharing :)
hope you enjoyed a little peak inside! whether big or small, creative spaces only need to work for the one creating! they can cost as little or as much as you want to put together and can be as coordinated or eclectic as works for you...where do you create?
would love to see, feel free to leave a link in the comments section!
happy monday!


  1. Such an awesome space Jessi! I love the repurposed wood shelving and the glass window to house your acrylic stamps! Such a great idea! TFS! Now to enjoy and to get scrapping!! :)

  2. Lovely space Jessi! So glad you are creating.

  3. love the feel of this space! Makes me want to go home and gut my crafty room

  4. Beautiful space!! I could totally spend a good long while in a place like that. :) Love your vintage storage pieces.