Monday, October 20, 2014

homemade gesso ¦ paper

today my first post as a design team member for ronda palazzari designs went live :)
it's been a complete joy and total blast working with her products! my favourite part of DT's is when it pushes you...challenges you...makes you grow. that's exactly what ronda's products do for me :)

today i shared a post on how to make homemade gesso and used one of her stencils as well as her new life fragments; harvest & blessings.

i discovered homemade gesso when the commercial stuff i had went hard. i was unable to head into town and purchase more and unwilling to wait until i could. gosh, that sounds so spoiled, lol! i promise i'm's more that i embrace our lifestyle. unable/do not want to purchase something? is there a way i can make it? i was stoked to discover that there is a homemade version of gesso! you can find the tutorial i posted over at ronda's blog, i hope it inspires you to try your own homemade gesso!

and do not forget! ronda has a DT call going right now...she's looking to add 3 more designers to her team!! you can find the details on that here.
happy monday!

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  1. I feel blessed to have someone so creative on the team. I love all you do with my products and how you see so many possibilities!