Sunday, November 23, 2014

12 days ¦ homemade for the holidays

christmas is absolutely my favourite season. i love all this season stands for and, magic, happiness, joy, kindness, compassion...*sigh* i really could go on :)

every year i create a list of homemade gifts...i love homemade gifts. there is something so personal and beautiful in the making of gifts. they are made with love and intent and thoughtfulness. and i love knowing that each gift i create has been chosen and carefully made with who the recipient is, in mind.
gift giving doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. gifts are tokens...tokens of thoughts, of love, of compassion and kindness. gifts should be given without conditions and expectations. it is these thoughts that have me striving every christmas season to give a gift made by my own hand to the people i love and it is with these same thoughts that i joined forces with one of my favourite people to bring you 12 days of homemade for the holidays.

ronda, as many of you know, is my very best friend. we often say we are one soul in two bodies...and even though our entire friendship has always been a long distance one it has always been filled with a deep level of understanding and love...she gets me, shares similar views, keeps me grounded and honest. so who better to join forces with when trying to change the world, right? come on now, you all know that besties have matching super hero capes and complimentary super powers when joining forces to save the world...and this year we are using our super powers to bring back the love and appreciation of homemade gift giving!

so here is the low down...

join us starting november 24th on a journey that explores the act of giving through the art of making gifts by hand. in the course of 12 days ronda and i will show what one can do with a little love, a lot of intent, and materials one no doubt has on hand already. from creating christmas albums or journals to document your holiday season to holiday cards to baked goods, fibre arts, homemade soaps and so much more; you will see that gift giving doesn’t have to cost a lot, consume a lot of time and can accommodate all levels of craftiness. the rewards from giving homemade gifts to anyone in your life are beautiful. each day we will be bringing tutorials, tips, free downloads and links to similar project ideas to help you craft your own homemade for the holidays christmas. from ronda and i, we wish you a truly heartfelt holiday and hope you will join us in homemade for the holidays!
and just to give you an idea of whats coming in the next 12 days, here is our calendar...
 so please, mark your calendars, share with your friends and join us on a beautiful journey that promises great rewards!

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