Wednesday, November 26, 2014

advent ¦ homemade for the holidays

advent, something magical happens when the advent calendars go up. the official sign that chrismas is on it's way...anticipation meet excitement, meet impatience! we have had many different calendars over the years but all of them have been homemade. i've made a cookie sheet advent calendar which we used for years! then i made an advent calendar using a 7 gypsies type drawer that help ornaments to be placed on the tree which, again, we used for many years. since it's started to get a bit shabby i decided to make a new one, which fit so well with homemade for the holidays!

so today, i am going to show off the calendar i made that was a complete mimic from one created over on the design sponge blog. why reinvent the wheel? making an advent calendar doen't have to hard, complicated or crafty for those that continuously say they are not crafty! if you do not sew or just don't want to pull out your sewing machine to create something like the one i created...
then don't! check out the ideas i will be linking up below for other ideas!
but after looking around for ideas i fell in love...absolutely fell in love...with this falling star advent calendar. nothing beats brown paper packaging! not only that, but i already had the branch on hand to use (i sadly, do not have a fire place so, hanging stockings is always a fun adventure each year as to where to hang them! a few years ago i created a hanging mantle using a sturdy branch)
after cutting and sewing 24 stars, i tell you, the impatience to hang them and see the calendar done and in it's full glory was killing me! it was making me completely happens quite frequently around when i work on projects i am in love with...yes, my kids think i am quite mad :) but look!! aren't they so pretty, hanging there?
each star has a number and each is filled with a little treat and i have to say that i adore the results! every time i walk into my kitchen and see it hanging on the wall opposite the head the of table, i smile. and sometimes i walk into my kitchen JUST to see it and smile...i may be supporting my kids theory that i'm quite mad admitting that...but there it is!
you can find the tutorial on this falling star advent calendar over at design sponge if you're interested in making one of your own!
if you're looking for something else, check out these adorable calendars
advent calendar wreath: this was almost the one i made until i came across the falling star one, how much easier can it get then clothes pins, hot glue, and lindt chocolate?
paper mountain advent calendar: this one is super adorable! and yes, almost made this one until i found the lindt one and then the falling star one ;)
sock advent calendar: it really cannot get any easier then this calendar, especially for those of you who claim you don't "make things" it's super cute and super simple!
and definitely go check out ronda's unique advent calendar using a  vintage garden gate! absolutely gorgeous!

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