Wednesday, November 19, 2014

aglow ¦ one little word

this post is a few days husband decided to share his cold with me and so i have been a bit engaged with the sniffles, boxes of kleenex and an arsenal of essential oils. and while i know blogger has this handy feature that allows one to create a post and then set the time it publishes...but that would require a bit of advance planning and that's just not the way i blog!
so the new word up went live on saturday and word choice was mine for this month. and like i mentioned on the OLW blog this word evokes such a warm feeling for me. when i first chose this word, i had a completely different direction in mind but ended up going a completely different route.
if you haven't checked out the one little word blog yet and read what i had to say about this word, go! go read and check out the other DT creations!
in the meantime here is the LO i created
there was much coming together across this country after the ottawa and quebec shootings. remembrance day took on a new relevancy for many people that we saw so many different ways of people paying respect and showing honour.
one of those ways was by our local football team. right before kick off, we saw 2 teams come together against opposition and bridge the space with a canadian flag while singing o' canada. it wasn't the prettiest rendition of our national anthem...but it was sung with the heart only a football player has. it was beautiful, brought tears to the eye, and made ones heart happy to see such a simple showing of respect and honour. aglow with pride for these boys.
 on remembrance day, i took my kids to see the flags of remembrance that was created just after the ottawa shooting. this stretch of highway is just outside sylvan lake and spanned about a mile of highway 11. it was beautiful to see and incredible to walk the length...aglow with pride.

it was a remembrance day that my children won't likely forget as the years go by and  this day will forever mean something powerful and relevant to them.

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  1. Great photos! Our flag looks so striking against all of that white. :)
    And I LOVE that layout. LOVE.