Monday, December 1, 2014

wrapping paper ¦ homemade for the holidays

giving and receiving gifts should be a special moment in time. one should never overlook the importance of packaging. there's always excitement in receiving a gift...but the excitement and anticipation increase when it comes in pretty packaging! the receiver can recognize the love, thought and care that went into the gift. opening it becomes something to be savoured and treasured. it creates magic.
so embracing my love of simplicity i would like to share with you some of my favourite ways to pretty up gifts that will brighten anyone's day!

i love to reuse...both my husband and i are always looking for ways to reuse something. there are many projects in our home that showcase this, from creating an island out of a vintage door and old too small for our family table to creating a bathroom table by cutting another kitchen table in half to using rough cut and hewn 4x4 pieces of wood that brings the pipe into the site my husband works at at shelving in our living room. but reusing something doesn't have to be a huge renovation or construction can simply be reusing paper. i love to gift wrap with newsprint or the paper that stores wrap breakable objects in. another great way paper to use for gift wrap is roll end. hit up your local newsprint office and ask if they have any roll end's plain newsprint paper. i pay between 3 and 4  dollars, depending on the size roll they have and there is so much paper left on the roll!! aside from gift wrap, we use roll end paper for so much!
anyway, back to gift wrapping!
after organizing your paper, grab some pretty ribbons or string and my other love for gift wrapping is using embellishments...paper flowers, wood beads, pine cones, cinnamon sticks...the possibilities are truly endless!
it really doesn't take much to dress up simple papers including newsprint...a little ribbon and some berries and done!
one of my favourite things about plain newsprint is that it's so customizable, my kids love to wrap birthday gifts for their friends in plain newsprint and then fill it with doodles, pictures and birthday wishes! i like simplicity so a sprig of holly, some lace and a tag and this gift is ready to deliver!

this really doesn't take any longer to do then purchasing wrapping paper, gift ribbons, and tags...but it adds so much to your gift giving! i encourage you, if you don't already, to give thought to creating your own gift wrap this season!
 and make sure you head over to ronda's blog and check out her fabulous gift wrapping ideas :)
happy monday!

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